Vanilla Server

Quick Info

Minecraft Version: 1.18.2
Server Address:

Live map of the server @

Plugins are server-side. You can connect to the server with the basic Minecraft launcher without having mods or plugins on your own client.

Changelogs for the server can be found here.


  • Jobs Reborn
    • Players can choose up to three ‘jobs’, such as Miner, Builder, and Farmer. Completing tasks related to your ‘job’ will get you money. The jobs can be joined or changed at any time by using the /jobs commands in-game.
  • Time is Money
    • Players will automatically receive $15 every ten minutes of time spent in-game, with a maximum of $1000 per day. Jobs will be the best way of getting income, but this helps top you up if you’re just hanging out.
  • Quick Shop
    • This allows players to create shops that others can use to buy/sell items. To create your own shop, put down an empty chest, look at it with the item you want to sell in your hand, and type /qs create <price> — changing <price> for how much you want per item (e.g. /qs create 10).
    • You left-click on shops to interact with them. Right-clicking on another player’s shop will display an error message that the chest is locked.
  • Graves
    • Death in Minecraft can be heartbreaking, especially when you lose all of your hard-earned Netherite gear. This plugin makes it easier on you by (1) giving you a compass back to where you died, and (2) storing your items in a temporary chest so they don’t despawn while you make the journey back.
    • Note: other players can access your ‘grave’. Taking items from someone’s grave causes you to be attacked by a zombie of the dead player. Beware thieves!
  • Dynamic Map
    • Creates an online map that updates with player positions. Additional plugins allow you to see where player homes are located (set by using the /sethome command), as well as what pieces of land have been claimed.
  • Essentials X
    • This plugin has an assortment of utility for players. You will want to use the /sethome command at your base; after doing that, typing /home will take you back to where you set that home. Note: using /sethome costs $500 of in-game currency and /home costs $5 of in-game currency. Players can have up to three homes, which can be created by specifying a name for the home (e.g. /sethome unicornbase and then /home unicornbase will return you there)
  • Grief Prevention
    • Allows you to claim land. This prevents other players from opening your chests, using buttons/levers, or breaking blocks on the claimed land unless you specifically give the player permission to do so.
    • Claim land by using a golden shovel to select two corners of a rectangle. All players start out with 500 blocks that they can claim (does not count Y-level), and gain 100 additional claimable blocks for each hour they play on the server — up to a maximum of 80,000 claimable blocks.
    • The command /claims list will show you how many blocks you have spent and how many more you can use.
    • /trust <playername> allows the player full (building, containers, buttons/levers, etc.) access to the claimed land you’re currently in. /untrust <playername> removes their access.
    • /containertrust <playername> allows a player the ability to access your storage.
    • /accesstrust <playername> allows a player the ability to use buttons/levers.
    • Replace the <playername> with all to provide access for everyone.
    • This, also, prevents endermen from picking up blocks, creeper explosions from destroying blocks, fire damage from turning your base to ash, and so forth.
  • Chest Sort
    • Use middle-click with your mouse on any chest to sort it.
  • Best Tools
    • The command /bt enables this plugin for you. It will automatically select the best tool in your inventory to break a block.
    • The command /rt enables the automatically refilling your hotbar with items you run out of, as long as you have them in your inventory.
  • Keep Chunks
    • This is limited to those in the admins permissions group. The plugin allows us to select specific chunks to always keep loaded, which is particularly useful for farms that require long AFK times. Please let an admin know if you would like certain chunks to be marked as always loaded (try to keep farms within certain chunk borders to reduce the number of chunks needed).
  • Holographic Displays
    • Allows you to create holographic signs of text. This plugin can, also, display images, but you will need an admin to help get the image on the server to have it displayed.